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Silk Painting

"When I was a teenager, I had dreams of becoming an art historian. I had a real love of fine art and had hoped that I would one day learn to paint, alongside my crocheting. The onset of WW2 meant that my dream had to be put on hold for a while.


Many years later at the start of the 70’s, whilst living in New York, I took a 2 day break from my designing to attend a fabric painting course. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and then went on to design and paint 16 scarves for all the girls in my workroom.


I then became increasingly busy with my crocheting and fashion design so was not able to explore my love for fabric painting any further.


15 years ago I was lucky enough to cross paths with a really talented silk painter. Yet again, I was utterly inspired and began painting silk scarves and fabrics on a regular basis. I absolutely loved it! I also started to paint velvets and fine plain woollen fabric. I soon realized I could only work with natural fibres and that only pure silk would do.


I find it easy working with a brush, despite the fact that I can’t draw, and I find it very liberating. I love the freedom I have to paint and mix whatever colours I feel like. There really is no limit to what colours you use;  any colour combination can be achieved. I also love the fact that you can hand paint tops, cardigans, silk scarves, anything you like. My painted silk scarves are always incredibly vibrant and unique; no two scarves are ever the same!


The Process:

First I cut the silk and stretch it across a frame (canvas stretcher). I then mix my paints and commence free hand painting the scarf. Within a few hours, the scarf is dry and I can then use a steam iron to help fix the colour. It also means that the scarf becomes totally washable…"


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