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Mady's Story

MADY GERRARD is a Welsh-based fashion designer specialising in exclusive crochet and haute couture garments.


Over the years, Mady has based herself in Cardiff, Canada and New York and has produced haute couture items for the likes of singer Dionne Warwick and the American First Ladies Patricia Nixon and Nancy Regan. In !974, Mady was the proud recipient of an American Design Award for creative achievement in the women's knitwear industry. Now based in rural Monmouthshire, Mady is still producing beautiful garments and accessories for those with discerning taste and a strong eye for colour and fashion. She is frequently to be found in her workroom, whizzing up a new creation or two.   


At 84, she still has a strong passion for her craft and continues to receive regular commissions from existing and new customers of all ages, who are in need of that exclusive item for themselves or as a gift.


Born in Hungary, Mady has lived what can only be described as a remarkable life.  Prior to her high-flying career in couture, Mady's life was a far cry from the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry.  Mady's incredible life story has been documented in her book, Full Circle.


Mady's Book - Full Circle 


A Review:  'Full Circle is written in an engaging style making the reader believe at times that they are in conversation with the author. The warmth in some chapters comes through like sitting by a log fire, but the shocking start to her life has chilling comparisons with current day events. Whilst many of the stories within the book are brushed with humour it relates how, from a deeply sad and tragic beginning, Mady really took hold of her life. Through her fantastic eye for colour and her unique creative talent she became a business and social success befriended by many internationally known people who could never have guessed how her life had started. The 'full circle' is completed in a way that the reader would not expect.'


Mady's book is available to buy in our online shop for £9.99.








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